My experiences with CKH Rentals have been nothing but positive. For the last three years I have had the pleasure of calling Kathy and Cleveland Hummel my landlords. Their care for not only their properties, but their residents as well, made it an easy decision to sign with them year after year. In the rare event I ever had an issue at the apartment, they were accessible at any time of the day or night with a quick phone call. Their operation and execution of their duties as landlords is incredibly efficient. From move-in day to packing up and leaving for the summer, their policies have been nothing but accommodating. For example, if returning for the following year, we were never charged to leave certain belongings in our apartment over the summer; this is not the case for some other landlords. In addition, from visiting the properties of other local landlords and hearing from those who have dealt with them directly, I firmly believe CKH Rentals to be among the top, if not the outright top, landlords in Bloomsburg. In regard to their rental rates, they are unbelievably fair considering the quality, value, and ease of mind one receives in return for signing a lease with them. They are very generous in the numerous utilities which they cover as well as the services, like snow removal and lawn care, which the provide free of charge. Having recently graduated and soon leaving the area, I do not look forward to looking elsewhere for residency as they have certainly set the bar very high.

– James Luther (Student)

If you are looking for a quality and reliable home, I would highly consider CKH Rentals. I have been a tenant with CKH for about two years now and as you can imagine, I love renting from them. The service they provide is superb. From my experience, the properties have all been well-maintained and up-to-date with modern appliances. The rent is very affordable and reasonable. Should there be any mishaps and/or concerns that do occur, the landlords are always responsive and available to help. I always felt comfortable dealing with the CKH employees and will continue to recommend them to future tenants.

– Laura (Residential)